Dancewear and shoes can be purchased through our Curtain Call for Class  website.  Shipping is under $5 and you get it in roughly 2 days!  You can visit the studio for an individual shoe fitting.  The passphrase is 1lovecsdc  you will be pleasantly surprised at the pricing.  Itis much lower than chain stores and the quality is much better!  

Black leotard, Pink tights, ballet skirt
Black leotard, Pink tights, ballet skirt

Combo/Ballet students should wear pink tights and a black leotard.  Pink LEATHER ballet shoes and black tap shoes are also required. Tap and Jazz students may wear tan tights, black leotard, dance shorts, and cover tank.  Combo 2 and upper levels may wear tan tights!


Dancers must wear their hair up in a neat style. Buns are preferred, pony tails  need to be worn to keep the hair out of your face and off your neck. NO loose braids. Secure your hair back away from your face with no loose or wispy hairs that could fall in your eyes.






Acceptable additions:
• fitted, waist length  tank top (NO sleeves, NOT oversized, must be snug) NO T-shirts,  dance sweater, or CSDC spirit wear
• fitted made for dance sweater or shrug (MUST be snug)
• fitted athletic shorts, above the knee (NOT oversized, NO street clothes)
• dance skirt, knee length or shorter


Hip Hop Students may wear street clothes that are stretchy and comfortable.  Knees should be covered so that slides and rolls do not hurt knees (shorts are not encouraged). Tennis shoes are acceptable....flat bottomed shoes without running treads are preferred.  Students will be required to purchase specific hip hop sneakers/boots for the June Recital. 



Dance wear can be purchased at many local retailers. We have a few items in stock, but for most of your needs, head to Dancewear stores locally... visit and enter Center Stage Dance Company with the passcode 1lovecsdc,  Prices are deeply discounted and shipping is minimal for 2 day quick ship!