The Company Dancers are a select group of dancers who participate in regional competitions.  In order to be considered for the team, dancers must take 2 hours of dance per week, which must include ballet technique. Other choices include lyrical, tap, jazz, or hip hop. Additional dates for team rehearsals will be scheduled once the team is formed. These practices will occur on Friday nights or Saturday Mornings.


Team participation requires hard work, discipline, and responsibility. All members work as part of a team and each member must always strive to do their best. It is an honor of accomplishment, skill, and attitude to be a member of the Company Dance Team. We do our absolute best to prepare team members for all required activity and we expect the same from the team members.


We will attend at least 2 competitions during the season, as well as community events and performance opportunitites. Students will be required to purchase a competition costumes, all neccesary accesories, shoes, and a team jacket.  The additional practice will count as another class for tuition purposes.