Center Stage Dance Company

August 2021 

With the ever changing regulations and best practices, we are doing everything to stay in the studio DANCING! We appreciate your support and flexibility as we navigate this year. 


To keep our families safe, we will maintain a dancing distance of 5-6 feet.  Masks will be worn to enter/exit the studios, but will not be required once in the dancers designated dance space.  Sanitizer is used upon entrance and exit.   It is up to your discretion as to wear them during class or not.   Our instructors will wear masks upon entering and exiting the studios as well as when they leave their dance area to observe, correct, and instruct. 


Our studios are treated with unique biopro concentrate to eliminate the spread of the virus.  Props are single use and will be sanitized properly if used.  


Common areas will be cleaned throughout the day.  Restrooms are reserved for emergencies and will not be used as changing rooms. 


Our lobby area will close again for parents and siblings at this time.  All dancers will wait outside until invited into the space.