Our Mission


 Center Stage Dance Company is located in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach. We are a recreational and competitive dance studio.  Our first priority is to instill a love of dance in each child, once we achieve this goal, dancers are more willing to accept new technique and can go further. We are  commited to every student that attends our classes.  It is important that they receive quality and individual instruction in a comfortable and friendly environment.  It is important to us that each child learns to develop people skills, work as a team in a group environment, become well rounded citizens, commit to the duration of the program, and have fun! 


Dance is just as important as sports; in fact, dancers must work just as hard as other athletes. Dancers become part of a team during their classes, relying on others to help them, just as they must set goals themselves. Dance teaches your child much more than just steps...just as any other extracurricular fine art, it opens many other doors and provides a great foundation for future endeavors. 


We are located at 5328 Fairfield Shopping Center in Virginia Beach. (near the treasurers office)